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The Boutique Jardin Majorelle is an excellent place to find authentic Moroccan apparel and handicrafts. The on-site boutique at Jardin Majorelle features a wide selection of authentic Moroccan products that reflect the influences of Amazigh and Islamic cultures. It also reflects the richness of Morocco's old cultural legacy. With the finest materials and expert craftsmanship, the boutique's handcrafted goods are created by the best Moroccan artisans. 

Yves Saint Laurent, whose work was greatly influenced by the colours of Marrakech, is directly honoured by the brightly coloured boutique décor. Following the goals of the nonprofit Fondation Jardin Majorelle, the boutique sells locally manufactured items to benefit social and cultural programmes in Morocco. Additionally, all revenues are donated to these causes. Before reaching this boutique, customers have to meander through the exquisite gardens. 

Bernard Sanz, who spent years working with Yves Saint Laurent, carefully curates the collection, and many of the best local designers have produced exclusive lines for him. Products in the Jardin Majorelle Boutique include quirky jewellery and pottery, vibrant leather accessories, silk-embroidered cushions, and vintage pictures and prints.

FAQs of Boutique Jardin Majorelle

What are the opening hours of Jardin Majorelle boutique?

    The Jardin Majorelle boutique opens at 8:30 AM in the morning and stays open till 6 PM. However, the last time of entry is 5:30 PM. Hence, you must reach the boutique within the given timeline to confirm your entry. 

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