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The Jardin Majorelle is a garden oasis amidst the chaotic Morocco which is majorly famous for its surreal architecture and blissful gardens. It has come out to be one of the hottest tourist destinations in Morocco. In the main garden, one can find many exotic plants sourced from as many as five continents! The Majorelle is also home to the Berber Arts museum which would definitely appeal to the history buffs. It is an exhibit of over 600 artefacts which reflect the culture and lifestyle of the Berber people – the most ancient tribe of North Africa.If you are tired and hungry from your excursion, the Café Majorelle would serve as the perfect pitstop. They serve some scrumptious light foods and local beverages which also include the iconic Moroccan mint tea. There’s also a boutique in the premises which sells handmade stuff crafted by some of the finest Moroccan artisans.

The Garden
The Garden

Spanned over an area of 0.9 hectare, the garden of the Jardin Majorelle is one of the prettiest botanical gardens in the whole wide world. It was curated for almost forty years,and also features a cubist villa which served as the residence for the artist Jacques Majorelle and his wife. The garden features exotic species of plants sourced from five continents, making it one of the primary Jardin Majorelle Attractions.

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Pierre Berge Museum of Berber Arts
Pierre Berge Museum of Berber Arts

Located in the heart of Jardin Majorelle, this Jardin Majorelle Attractions was inaugurated in 2011, creating a safe space for history lovers. The Berber tribe are supposed to be the most ancient in North Africa and this museum is an effort towards showcasing their rich history and creativity. There are 600 artefacts which were sourced by Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent, the renovators of Jardin Majorelle. Segregated in four different zones, this museum has different themes catering to different sections of history. Throughout your journey, a rich audiovisual documentation will make your experience a lot more educational and enjoyable.

Café Majorelle
Café Majorelle

Situated within the premises of the Jardin Majorelle, this Café Majorelle is one of the most aesthetically pleasing cafes that you can find anywhere. Scrumptious breakfast and lunch are served here but it is majorly famous for serving local delicacies like Moroccan mint tea.

La Boutique
La Boutique

The Boutique Jardin Majorelle is situated in the middle of the Jardin Majorelle and on sale are some of the finest products that reflect Moroccan craftsmanship. This makes it the perfect pitstop to buy some souvenirs. Moreover, all the funds are utilised in funding cultural and social projects in Morocco. This is what makes the Boutique one of the primary Jardin Majorelle Attractions.

Know Before You Go Jardin Majorelle

Know Before You Go Jardin Majorelle

Timings: 8 AM to 6 PM (last entry 5:30PM)

Location: Rue Yves St Laurent, Marrakech 40090, Morocco

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How to reach Jardin Majorelle:

By bus: If you’re travelling from Bab Doukkala, bus no 12 heads past Jardin Majorelle. There is a bus stop, Boukar-Majorelle, right at the garden.

By car: From the main road, many taxis are available which will drop you straight at the doors of Jardin Majorelle.

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Is Jardin Majorelle worth visiting?

    Yes, the Jardin Majorelle is one of the most aesthetic botanical gardens in not just Morocco but in the whole wide world. It has also become one of the hottest tourist destinations in Morocco and for all the right reasons. If you have enough time, you won’t regret exploring the gorgeous vistas this garden has on offer. There are many Jardin Majorelle Attractions that will keep you indulged for a considerable amount of time including a berber museum, a boutique and a cafe.

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