Is There a Dress Code for Jardin Majorelle?

What to Wear at Jardin Majorelle?

No, there is no such dress code for people visiting Jardin Majorelle. However, dressing modestly is advised, to show respect for the local inhabitants. In general, you shouldn't go around wearing shorts, tank tops, or other skin-bearing garments.

Morocco's distinct topography and range of elevations give rise to a wide variety of climates. As a result, you can dress for the weather and adhere to a dress code. Opt for longer dresses or trousers or t-shirt-length tops. It's advisable to save items like strapless tank tops, crop tops, and short shorts for another day. Men are advised to wear their shirts at all times, and it's best for women to cover their stomachs and chests.

It’s a good idea to pack a lightweight scarf or shawl that you may throw over your shoulders as needed.


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