Jardin Majorelle Tickets

Why Visit Jardin Majorelle?

  • The Jardin Majorelle is a peaceful abode amidst the bustling city of Marrakech. Apart from being peaceful, it is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Morocco!
  • Its architecture and the overall design of the premises took almost forty years to get completed and one can definitely see why it took so much time to erect this marvel.
  • There are plants here which are sourced from as many as five continents! This alone transforms the premises into an enchanting garden.
  • To please the history buffs out there, there’s also a museum where one can witness as many as 600 artefacts which reflect the lifestyle of the local inhabitants. Jardin Majorelle tickets also include entry inside the museum so you don't have to shell out extra bucks.
  • If you wish to devour some authentic local delicacies, the café situated inside the premises would serve to be a perfect pit stop!

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Why Book Jardin Majorelle Tickets Online?

1. Convenience: Get a chance to enjoy ultimate convenience by booking your Jardin Majorelle tickets online with us. You can book your tickets online and skip the long queues at the ticket counter, especially during the peak tourist season. Additionally, enjoy the ease of planning your visit to this beautiful garden without any worries, making your journey more enjoyable.

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Other Attractions at Jardin Majorelle

Below are some of the other attractions at Jardin Majorelle.

The Café Majorelle

The Cafe Majorelle Inspired by the rammed earth constructions prevalent in the Berber regions of North Africa, this café is located in the former servant quarters of the premises. In the morning, you can devour some scrumptious Moroccan or Continental breakfast while soaking in the gorgeous interior. From cool beverages, seasonal fruit juices to traditional Moroccan mint tea, they serve many local delicacies and guess what? Jardin Majorelle Tickets will grant you entry into the café.

The Boutique

The wide variety of Moroccan products on display in the boutique Jardin Majorelle reflects the ancient and rich culture of Morocco. The products and souvenirs that are on sale, are handmade by the best Moroccan artisans. The interior of this boutique is downright exotic and pays direct homage to Yves Saint Laurent. All the earnings from this boutique are utilised in funding cultural and social initiatives in Morocco and you can get access to this boutique by purchasing Jardin Majorelle Tickets.

The Musée Pierre Bergé Des Arts Berbères

The Berber Museum was inaugurated in 2011 and is built around the former studio of the artist Jacques Majorelle. The Berbers are considered to be the most ancient people of North Africa and this museum has 600 artefacts dedicated to them and their lifestyle. There are four different spaces, dedicated to a particular theme and Jardin Majorelle Tickets will also allow you to explore the museum.

Know Before you Book Jardin Majorelle Tickets

Location and Timings
How to Reach
Cafe at Jardin Majorelle
Best Time to Visit:

Location: The Jardin Majorelle garden is situated in the Nouvelle Ville (New Town) and here’s the exact address: Rue Yves St Laurent, Marrakech 40090, Morocco.

Timings: The opening hours of Jardin Majorelle Garden in Morocco are from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. from Monday to Sunday.

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  • By Taxi/Car: To reach Jardin Majorelle by car, take the Rte des Remparts route from the city centre. It will take approximately 12 minutes to reach.
  • By Bus: Take the local bus to Gueliz and then transfer to Line 1. Alight at Gueliz Gardens, and then there is a short walk to the Jardin Majorelle garden.
  • By Train: The nearest station to the Jardin Majorelle is Menara Gueliz in Marrakech. From this station, the garden is 15 minutes away, and you can take a taxi to get there.
  • By Walking: From Medina Riad, the Jardin Majorelle is 20 minutes walk away. Alternatively, you can reach Gueliz Gardens which is a 13-minute walk to Jardin Majorelle.

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There’s an inhouse café which is situated in the premises itself which is famous for its authentic local beverages like Moroccan mint tea. One can also try some light food which is served there.

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The best time to visit Jardin Majorelle is during the shoulder seasons of Spring from March to May and autumn from September to November. During these months, the weather gets pleasant, ranging from 18 to 28 degrees Celsius, ideal for exploring the vibrant gardens. Additionally, during these periods, the flora is in full bloom, showcasing the garden’s beauty.

To avoid crowds and enjoy a more serene atmosphere, make sure to plan your visit early in the morning or the late afternoon. Arriving at the garden at least 2 hours before closing is a great idea to skip the long queues and enjoy the golden hour that bathes everything in warm light. Morning visits are also great as they offer shorter queues and comfortable temperatures.

A Glimpse into Jardin Majorelle | A Nature's Masterpiece

Jardin Majorelle is considered to be one of the most exotic tourist destinations in the whole world. If you’re planning to check Morocco off your bucket list, then a visit to the Jardin Majorelle is a must! This enchanting garden is so aesthetic that one can spend an entire day here just clicking pictures for Instagram. It was constructed by French landscape painter Jacques Majorelle and was later restored by a fashion designer and his partner. The authentic beauty of this garden was intricately restored by the couple. The Jardin Majorelle is home to a psychedelic desert mirage which is made out of 300 plant species picked out from five different continents.

The centre stage of the garden is taken by an electric-blue art deco studio which is home to over 600 artefacts. This collection showcases the rich history of the local inhabitants, so if you’re a history buff, you’re in for a treat! Jardin Majorelle Tickets will also give you access to a small book and photography shop, a pretty courtyard café and a boutique where you can source some souvenirs like textiles, slippers and jewellery. In December 2018, Jardin Majorelle also witnessed the addition of the Villa Oasis Gardens which is also worth visiting.

History of Jardin Majorelle

The premises were purchased by a renowned French Orientalist artist Jacques Majorelle in 1923. He soon commenced the landscaping project which became his life’s greatest works. Jacques decided to paint the exterior in a very specific shade of deep blue that draws inspiration from the blue-painted towns and villages that dot Morocco. Majorelle passed away in 1962 after suffering from an accident but later on, the garden was rediscovered in the 1980s by legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. He took the mantle of restoring the garden to its former glory.

Tips to Visit Jardin Majorelle

  • Hailing a taxi to reach there could turn out to be a costly affair. Instead, prefer walking or hire a horse carriage.
  • No picnics are allowed in the garden.
  • Both the museum and the garden are accessible by wheelchair.
  • To beat the crowds, visit the gardens first thing in the morning.
  • Book the Jardin Majorelle Tickets online to save additional hassle.

FAQs for Jardin Majorelle

What is the Majorelle Garden?

Majorelle Garden was commissioned by a French artist Jacques Majorelle who decided to settle in Marrakesh. He spent the next 40 years neatly landscaping the garden, making it one of the prettiest botanical gardens in the whole wide world. The Majorelle campus also has a museum, a boutique and a cafe. Its surreal aesthetics and mind numbing beauty makes it one of the hottest tourist destinations in Morocco!

What will I see inside the museums?

Jardin Majorelle Tickets will grant you access to the museum where you can witness these:- The collection of the Berber museum is segregated into three different zones: Domestic Life and Traditional Skills, Ornaments and Jewels, and Costumes and Finery.- The exhibits that were collected by Saint Laurent himself. These exhibits reflect the culture of the Berber people.- The temporary exhibits focus on artists in various disciplines who have been inspired by Marrakesh and Morocco.

Do I need to take a guided tour?

If you wish to soak in all the information about his popular place, it is advisable to hire a guide as he will tell you all the stories associated with the gardens and some context for whatever you would be seeing. On the other hand, the premises aren’t that complicated to navigate so if you wish to complete the tour independently, you can do that as well. That way, you just need to pay for your Jardin Majorelle Tickets and nothing else.

Should I book Majorelle Garden tickets in advance?

The Jardin Majorelle is a very popular tourist destination and remains crowded all throughout the year but if you wish to be saved from this hassle, we recommend booking your tickets online.

What is the best time to visit Majorelle Garden?

The best time to visit Majorelle Garden is between March to May and September to October because the weather remains comparatively pleasant. Also, it’s advisable to go early in the morning during weekdays to avoid the crowds.

Is the price for Jardin Majorelle Tickets the same for everyone?

No, the prices for Jardin Majorelle tickets differ according to the age group. The Jardin Majorelle Tickets amount to 70 Moroccan dirhams (less than $8) per person; children 11 and younger can enter for free.

Can we book the Jardin Majorelle Tickets online?

Yes, the Jardin Majorelle Tickets are available on many online websites. It would be a lot better than going there and getting the ticket in person because the Majorelle Gardens are very crowded. By booking the tickets online, you can save yourselves from unnecessary hassle.


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